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YSL Beauté is proud to present the $TREATS drop by KITTENS in support of the Abuse is Not Love program.

In daring to lead the change towards a world of inclusive freedom and self-expression, YSL Beauté is committed to the prevention and fight against intimate partner violence. Once all $TREATS tokens are claimed, YSL Beauté pledges to donate 10,000€ to American non-profit organization It’s On Us.



KITTENS is a DJ, producer, podcast host, educator and intersectional feminist. A Los Angeles native, she grew up in the nightlife scene before launching her career as a DJ. She’s now using her voice to enact change in the dance community, from producing DJ workshops to hosting a podcast with leading creatives in her field.

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does for you.

$TREATS gives you access to exclusive content and tailored experiences, from VIP tickets to podcast AMA sessions and more. As a tokenholder, you have a front-row seat to everything KITTENS offers. Join her community and enter her world with $TREATS.


How to

$TREATS tokens will be earned by KITTENS’ community on the drop date. By engaging with KITTENS through the P00LS launchpad, supporters will listen, watch, learn and share their way to becoming $TREATS tokenholders. After the drop, $TREATS tokens will be available for purchase on our decentralized marketplace. $TREATS is an ERC20 Ethereum token and will be minted shortly after the initial $TREATS drop. Your $TREATS tokens will then be freely accessible and usable on any Ethereum application.

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