LFG to Happy Happy World $ISH is the Official Social Currency of the Blond:ish ecosystem

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P00LS partnered with BLOND:ISH. And you’re here because you’re already tapped into her community. Now it’s time to make your loyalty known.

Social Currency

Keep Earning $ISH From Blond:ish

Let’s see how deep your support goes. From watching videos, sharing her message, to learning about the causes she cares about–– it’s stuff you already do. The more you participate, the more you’re rewarded.

Earn $ISH

Reap Endless Rewards From Blond:ish

Unlock premium content and unique experiences to claim $ISH. Just stay up on the latest drops, engage regularly, and boom –– tokens claimed.

frequently asked questions

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    What is P00LS?

    P00LS is the leading community-first, decentralized exchange for creator cryptocurrencies. We partner with creators and brands to launch their token, distribute it to their communities, and list it on the P00LS decentralized exchange, where it can be earned and traded on Ethereum. Partnering with P00LS means incentivizing audiences and fanbases to consume creator content, while empowering them to promote, share, and scale it. With P00LS—the premier tool for accessing creator value—money is no longer the only currency.

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    What are creator tokens?

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    Are creator tokens just like Bitcoin?

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    How is the price of a creator’s token determined?

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    Will the price of a creator’s token change?

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    How do I earn my favorite creator’s token?

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    Can I buy my favorite creator’s token?

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    What can I do with my tokens?

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    Does it cost anything to create an account?

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    How can I join?

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    What are the legal implications?